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A day in the life of a mum



Hubby was away for a few days, so last Friday I had decided I was going to let the place get messy and have to have some fun with the kids. Baking. It was kind of funny, because I usually find baking with the boys stressful – very stressful.   The day arrived. My Facebook status […]

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Transition to Prep


My eldest, “B1″ is starting Prep next year. At his Kindy they’ve been getting the kids ready, and they’ve done such a great job. We’ve also been talking about it at home, getting uniforms organised, lunchboxes etc. so he’s going to know what to expect. We recently went to his Kindy Graduation in preparation to move up to “big […]

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Dear Children, your mummy is an introvert…


To B1, B2 and Bubba Girl,   My dear little munchkins, I love you all very much. It is because of this overwhelming love for you that I must inform you that your mummy is an Introvert. It’s not something to ashamed of or something to hide, it’s rather a type of superhero, just like […]

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Parenting Fail or Success??


Moment One Think of one of those mornings when you are trying to get yourself (and the kids) out the door by a specific time, and things are not going well. This story is about one of those mornings.   As well as my four  year old (“B1″) and two year old (“B2″) boys who have been waking during the night, […]

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And mummy is now awake.


Yesterday morning, I woke up at 7am. The house was quiet. I got up and had a shower. I got dressed. I walked out to the living room. I sat down. In silence.   At 7:15, my 3yo (B1) appears and with a puzzled look on his face says, “Mummy, why were you up before me??”, as if it’s never […]

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